Topics: Communication, Sales, Customer Service, Innovation

Outstanding customer service builds a well of good will by paying close attention, keeping a positive attitude, and earning trust via the 3C’s: Concentration, Coordination, and Cultivation.  When we concentrate on what a customer is saying we build their confidence in us. Coordinating our words and actions in service of the customer’s best interest wins their trust. Helping them find a solution at a fair price, we cultivate their loyalty- and earn their referrals.  This training combines a spirit of fun, with a sense of purpose-learning to use the 3C’s to ensure stellar customer service.

                 Key Learning Objectives:

  •  Improved ability to pay attention- in a way that pays the ultimate compliment

  •  Four vital steps for making deposits in a customer’s emotional bank account 

  •  Look at challenges through a silver lining lens. (Don't complain… reframe!) 

  •  Objections are a prime opportunity to win trust

Detailed Program Description

Rob Peck’s program was uplifting, entertaining and enlightening... the content of his message was spot on. He really did his homework and had a clear understanding of our industry’s pressing issues, and our overall event goals and expectations… The audience was engaged in a fun, hands-on learning experience, and the use of inspiring true life stories helped me come away from the conference with fresh insights on business issues… and an upbeat way to view problems in a new framework, or as Rob stated, ‘Don’t complain, reframe!’
—Roddy Diotalevi, Senior Director Sales & Marketing, UIL Holdings
Funny, fast paced, interesting, and most importantly, relevant to the group. Rob’s unique delivery of motivational speaking and amazing juggling got everyone engaged; even those who I thought might not be up for the challenge. He incorporated key phrases that the group immediately identified as part of our industry culture and vernacular… I had many people come up and congratulate me on Rob’s great session, telling me they had come away with ideas and concepts that they could put into action back in 'the real world.'
—Colleen Steer, Director, Assurant, North American Preneed Sales

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