#10 Unique skill set: (professional juggler turned motivational speaker.)

#9 Great listener and quick study. (asks the right questions, quickly sizes up audience, finds the keys to motivate them.)

#8 Calm, confident, and easy to work with (arrives early, sets a fast pace, engages everyone from beginning to end ensuring a good time for a good cause.)

#7 Gets people to laugh and participate without feeling pressured.

#6 Each program (and price) totally customized to your specific event and budget.

#5 Works his tail off to prepare (extensive conversations with organizers/co-chairs to establish appropriate opening and minimum bids... decide what and how many items belonged in the live versus silent auction...etc.)

#4 Learns past history of live bidding and uses to weave current offerings into strategic running order.

#3 Identifies in advance offerings that can be auctioned in multiples (resulting in doubled, tripled, and at times, quadrupled winning bids.)

#2 Uses visual humor, quick wit, and zany improvisations to sustain exciting levels of spontaneity and unpredictability to the live bidding.

#1 Yields no ground on any item! (Works his magic to motivate a spirited competition, even when at first there appears to be none.)

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