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As a speaker and trainer I put considerable effort into customizing my programs, enlivening them with a steady blend of topical humor. These carefully targeted references to current challenges, combined with good inside jokes, immediately let the audience know I did my homework- and this is no “cookie cutter” presentation.

I’ve learned the more creatively I can break the ice and build audience rapport via topical humor and customized juggling visuals the more attendees really lean in and soak it up. Thankfully I’ve done it so often that I’ve come up with two customizer tools that let me work smarter not harder.

Topical Humor Comedy Quiz - 9 fill in the blank questions that help me ferret out pet peeves, sacred cows, colorful characters etc. as well as what I can say to get a laugh if (or really, when) I experience a "sudden gust of gravity" that causes me to drop one of my juggling props.

Metaphorical Balls & Related Balancing Acts (a compilation of the most universal juggling analogies that with your help I can make more specific and ensure they really hit home with your audience)


I do not have a one size fits all program, nor a set fee. Every group I work with has different goals, and I’m committed to making each program unique. So based on what you’re looking to accomplish, I will give you a few options with ballpark prices. Likewise I work with each group individually to figure out how to deliver the best possible R.O.I.

I work with all size audiences and I am a big believer in teamwork. So, if it helps make the finances more manageable, I welcome you to bring in another group to share the cost of training.

I’ve learned participants can derive additional value from an educational experience by being able to review what they learned via video. As such, I am happy to have my programs recorded- at no additional charge.

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