Mike Elser - (860) 985-0013
Gary Cannon - (262) 385-6332
Len Cohen - (413) 320-6978
Diane Ripstein - (617) 630-8630
Peter Jacques - (860) 428-2099
Jackson Gillman - (508) 295-0886
Bob Cumin - (413) 687-4536
Janet Simeone (413) 323-7871
Stephen Stern - (508) 376-9544
Steve Lishansky - (978) 828-3000
Claudia Gere - (413) 259-1741

"Rob Peck's ability to combine spontaneous humor with a deep caring for the larger cause opens people's minds, hearts and wallets! With boundless energy, pluck your heartstrings urgency, and totally outrageous humor, the man is one part Tony Robbins and one part Robin Williams! If you want to raise funds, hire Rob Peck get ready to revel in the results.
—Gary Cannon P: (262) 385-6332

"Rob Peck is a remarkably talented presenter with a truly outside the box delivery. Rob's quick wit and warm heart make him both a great performer and a very effective auctioneer. I've seen him take a simple auction item, and through inventive juggling or balancing, captivate a crowd's attention and create an all out bidding frenzy. If you want to raise spirits and raise money, using Rob Peck as your auctioneer will get you excellent results in both areas."
—Steve Lishansky, P: (978) 828-3000

"I have NEVER been to a fund raiser that was more fun than the one I attended at our Annual Meeting last October. We made more money than we have ever raised at this annual event. Rob Peck has a wonderful way of making a point with great humor. I found myself laughing at something he said and then saying to myself "HMM, there is some real truth to that as well!" Best of all the point he makes are sure to reinforce the mission and purpose of the organization. He will do his homework!"
—Mike Elser, P: (860) 985-0013

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