“In my 32 years of management, Rob Peck’s presentation has not been matched for its accuracy, pure enjoyment, and positive impact on my staff. Rob delivered an amazing, funny, and above all highly motivating training that is transferable to any company or association… His preparation was meticulous and he ‘nailed’ the dynamics of the company. …He adroitly managed group exercises and even had the CEO and leadership team hamming it up with him for the conclusion."
(Click here for full letter.)

Richard Knoll, President and CEO, TEAM Inc.
(203) 736-5420 Ext. 218, rknoll@teaminc.org

“The beauty of Rob’s work is that it combines high entertainment value and high level content – tickling fancy and intellect simultaneously...  At our division retreat he effectively tripled the energy in the room!  Using his juggling as a metaphor for keeping life in balance... he caught our imaginations and then zinged us with a series of noteworthy messages... If you’re searching for a speaker to enliven your  audience and spur them to think creatively, book Rob Peck, and get ready for a fun event that  will leave a lasting impression!”
(Click here for full letter.)

Amy Swisher, Director of Community & Public Relations, Bay State Health
413-773-2268, amy.swisher@baystatehealth.org

"Rob Peck really brought our team together. His uplifting spirit of fun and hands-on experiential learning methodology worked wonders for our morale. Rob's got a great knack for tying in the joy of laughter with solid content and immediately applicable skills. The fact that he came in with such a good handle on our needs broke down a lot of barriers and created a very positive rapport right from the start… We had high expectations for Zestwork's team, and trust-building sessions, and Rob's trainings delivered just the results we were hoping for."
(Click here for full letter.)

Peter Jessup, Founder and President, Integrity Development Co.
413 549-791, peter@integbuild.com

"WOW! Rob captivated and exhilarated us with not only his juggling talents, but with his emphasis on work-life balance! His vivacious personality and custom monologue made a long lasting impression. Rob's in-depth preparation for our event, made us feel that we were extra special!"
(Click here for full letter.)

Karin J Whitley, Corporate Training & Development Specialist, Iroquois Pipeline Co.
(203) 925-7203, karin_whitley@iroquois.com

"Thank you for the way in which you educated and energized our company… You took the time to speak with us about our business goals, and what messages we wanted to get across. Our people got the metaphor and messages related to “juggling” and our work environment quite well. Your break-out sessions were both fun and instructional….you made it clear that creativity is a wonderful thing to have in our workplace."  
(Click here for full letter.)

Dan Silver, President, Panasonic Home & Health Company
201 348-5384, silverd@us.panasonic.com

A miracle occurred! You are such a powerful motivator you loosened up a whole room of high level executives… Your blend of humor and high energy style with such well chosen stories and audience participation skits really helped us reframe the challenge of coping with constant change and seeing it as an opportunity to develop resilience and resourcefulness… Thanks for leaving us uplifted and energized.”
(Click here for full letter.)
Anne Nickerson, Special Events, CIGNA
(860) 849-1618, anne@callcentercoach.com

"You are truly a professional who defies convention on flexible thinking and stress reduction. Thank you for teaching us that keeping a good life-balance means counter-balancing the things that are important to measure with the things that are immeasurably important. Your concept of "pits are also seeds" when it comes to turning adversity into an opportunity was extremely inspirational...Just yesterday, I found myself talking to my staff about one of your concepts: "WHOOPS" (\When Humans Overcome Obstacles, Providence Smiles!).  It was so easy to remember, and so timely..."
(Click here for full letter.)

Otto Solarzano, C.F.O., Los Angeles Department of Social Services
213-738-2617, osolorzano@css.co.la.ca.us

“Your uplifting presentation was definitely a fresh approach to stress management that helped us understand and utilize strategies to cope with change... Your motivational speaking skills and thought provoking mix of comedy and content helped participants de-stress and walk away with relevant business insights… From the first call your professionalism, wisdom, and sense of humor, made for an enjoyable business rapport.”
(Click here for full letter.)

Jeanne Moore, Executive Director, National Trust Real Estate Association, Inc.
704-845-1002, jmoore@ntrea.org

“Rob Peck’s message is not only on target – it’s a bulls-eye! Formal feedback from the audience had him scoring a 4.5 out of a possible 5.0. I hired Rob to do a very important “intervention” and he delivered big time… with a great blend of serious message and entertaining  style that fit perfectly with company values and goals… I found Rob to be a very insightful individual who is quick to recognize the subtleties and nuances associated with his customer’s business. In my many years of experience, his ability to really get his  audience thinking puts Rob Peck in a class of his own.” 
(Click here for full letter.)

Bob DiGregorio, Director Americas Software Manufacturing, Hewlett-Packard
978 474-3752, Bob.DiGregorio@hp.com

“Funny, fast paced, interesting, and most importantly, relevant to the group.  Rob’s amazing juggling got everyone  engaged; even those who I thought might not be up for the challenge. He  incorporated key phrases that the group immediately identified as part of their company culture and vernacular… I had many people come up to me, telling me they had come away with ideas and  concepts that they could put into action back in “the real world.”
(Click here for full letter.)

Colleen Steer, Director, Assurant, North American Preneed Sales
817-832-7296 Colleen.Steer@assurant.com

"The insights you weaved into your presentation reinforced the content message that I was hoping to convey. By making the key conference "takeaways" part of a fun juggling skit or story, your presentation greatly amplified the learning that took place in the full day workshop…. And your understanding of adult learning principles, and humor kept anyone from feeling like it was a long day…”
(Click here for full letter.)

John Hamilton, Managing Director, Vested for Growth
(603) 224-6669, jhamilton@nhclf.org

"Rob Peck’s presentation on Stress Management was extremely well received by our Supervisory workgroup. Our group was impressed by the advanced preparation completed by Rob as he gained a thorough understanding of our organization and the challenges that staff are facing... His ability to incorporate agency specific humor into the presentation kept the audience engaged and left our group feeling both energized and uplifted..."
(Click here for full letter.)

William Rybczyk, Director – Research, Development, and Planning, New Opportunities, INC
203.575.4238 Ext. 791, wrybczyk@newopportunitiesinc.org

“Today was a real home run! All the feedback was extremely positive. You are the only speaker who has ever received a standing ovation!!! I never thought this group would give it up with such enthusiasm! My director said she wants you to come up to Mt. Washington for our annual NEPD training… It was a pleasure (and fun) working with you.  As a meeting planner you made my job easier, and I honestly felt like you were a member of our team…”
(Click here for full letter.)

Valerie Conti, Assistant State Director, Mass Small Business Development Center
(413) 545-6304, vconti@msbdc.umass.edu

"Rob Peck takes the time to learn about your culture, and the language it uses, to turn the mirror of our often frenzied and frequently futile behavior back on ourselves in a gentle and kind, yet hilarious, way. His presentation highlighting the tension of trying to stay balanced in stressful environments, is both illustrious and very, very funny.  I recommend Rob Peck if you are looking to learn and entertain at the same time. You will not be disappointed!"
(Click here for full letter.)

Michael D. Skinner, Past President, Baystate Franklin Medical Center

“… uplifting, entertaining and enlightening! The content of his message was spot on. It was evident that he really did his homework and had a clear understanding of our industry’s challenges, pressing issues, and overall event goals and expectations… I came away from the conference with a fresh insight on business issues and an upbeat way to view problems in a new framework, or as Rob stated, “Don’t complain, reframe!”.
(Click here for full letter.)

Roddy Diotalevi, Senior Director Sales & Marketing, UIL Holdings 
203.499.3632, roddy.diotalevi@uinet.com

“Our staff clearly just loved your presentation- and our staff are, shall we say “highly selective customers.”…Our C.E.O. was so impressed he said, “This guy‘s insights into Y.O.U., Inc.’s strengths and weaknesses is the most dynamic blend of comedy and content, motivation and uplift, of any outside speaker we’ve ever brought in”...Thank you for being so caring and knowledgeable, and delivering such a timely message in such a truly memorable fashion. You hit it out of the park! ”
(Click here for full letter.)

Laura L. Peterson, M.A., SPHR, Director of Human ResourcesY.O.U. Inc.
(508) 849-5600 PetersonL@YOUINC.ORG

“The energy that you invested (well in advance) to learn our product and our  corporate culture is clearly what sets you apart. It almost felt as if you had been  working for the company for years. Your visual demonstrations kept us captivated.  Everyone stayed focused because they couldn’t wait to see what you were going to  do next! Every employee walked away with some valuable lessons for work and for  life… the power of keeping a positive perspective ( "Pits... are also seeds") and how to  use humor to hang tough in hard times.” 
(Click here for full letter.)

Mike Del Negro, Director of Operations,Applied Proactive Technologies
(800) 278-7661 Mike@AppliedProactive.com

"Who would have thought that in one session I would learn new approaches to leadership and how to juggle all at the same time? Rob’s unique presentation style was unlike any business meeting I have ever attended. He captured our attention and provided insightful examples of how to infuse excitement and perspective into leadership.”
(Click here for full letter.)

Lawrence W. Michael, Managing Director, Illinois Services, Inc.
(630) 653-3159, larry.michael@sci-us.com

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