May 15, 2009
Dear Rob,
Your program was such a one of a kind experience it was worth waiting five years for! I’m so glad we finally found a date that worked when you weren’t already booked. You hit it out of the park! Our staff clearly just loved your poignant presentation. Which is a huge accomplishment since our staff are, shall we say “highly selective customers.”
In fact, your 90 plus minutes of motivation mixed with topical humor was so totally captivating, this is the first annual staff day we’ve ever had where not a single person left- even to check their messages. People not only stayed for the entire program, they actually paid rapt attention. Even in the back of the room, all eyes and ears were focused on your riveting juggling and inspirational stories, with none of the side conversations that normally occur!
Our C.E.O. was so impressed by the amount of inside information you wove throughout your talk, that on several occasions he looked over at me and said, “This guy really did his homework! He couldn’t have found that out just by looking at our website.” He later told me that you did the most thorough job of preparation AND turned it into the most dynamic blend of comedy and content, motivation and uplift, of any outside speaker we’ve ever brought in. In sum, your speech KEEPING ALL THE BALLS IN THE AIR (How To Get A Grip On Overload And Stay Up In A Down Economy! ) was a smashing success!”
Here are some sample quotes from attendees:
“I LOVED watching and listening to Rob talk and juggle at the same time!”, “I can’t believe how much the Juggler/ Speaker guy knew about Y.O.U., Inc.!”
“THAT was the BEST Staff Day EVER!” “Rob’s insights into Y.O.U., Inc.’s strengths and weaknesses, and his ability to customize his comedy just for us was amazing!”
“That was SO much better than anything we ever did before!!! “Rob’s stories about persistence and finding the bright side really held my attention and gave my spirits a big lift!”
Thank you for being so caring and knowledgeable about our organization and for delivering such a timely message in such a truly memorable fashion. From start to finish you were a total pro and a real pleasure to work with. I know we’ll team up on another event down the road, and I’m sure you will hear from some of my colleagues- as I promise not to keep your stellar program a secret!
Laura L. Peterson, M.A., SPHR
Director of Human Resources
(508) 849-5600 PetersonL@YOUINC.ORG

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