Note to introducer: The words in all caps often trigger audience laughter
(especially if you give them a little extra "punch".... and then pause).
That said, if nobody laughs... don't pause too long!
Other than that, I thank you in advance for your cooperation, and hope you have fun saying this.

Our guest speaker this morning is Rob Peck; author, humorist and RECOVERING PERFECTIONIST! Rob is the founder and president of Zestworks- a speaking, training and consulting firm who's principal focus is the 3 T's: Teamwork, Tolerance and Tenacity. Rob’s guiding belief is that high spirits mean low attrition, and when workplace morale goes up, energized job performance fuels organizational growth.

Taking a balanced approach to higher education, Mr. Peck attended both the University of Pennsylvania- and DINGLING BROTHERS CLOWN COLLEGE...graduating the former, Phi Beta Kappa and the latter MAGNA CUM LOONEY! After thrilling his parents to no end by marrying a Tight-rope walker, Mr. Peck somehow went on to become an award winning speaker who has appeared on cable and network television- and was a featured guest on Donahue.

Rob currently resides in Greenfield, Massachusetts, but wants you to know he lived most of his life in NEW JERSEY. Fortunately Rob is almost COMPLETELY RECOVERED! Please welcome- a man who takes his work seriously, and himself lightly, Mr. Rob Peck.”

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