Rob Peck is an author, humorist and recovering perfectionist! True to the title of his new book-  IT’S A JUGGLE OUT THERE, Rob’s moving speeches and uplifting seminars focuses on three things simultaneously: Stress management, Streamlining, & Simplifying. Rob's fun, fast paced programs combine comedy and content with eye-catching juggling and balancing visuals. With humor and heart, he offers fresh insights and 'outside the briefcase' ideas to decrease stress, increase focus, and go to work feeling less overloaded & underslept.
Rob Peck is the C.E.A. (Creativity Energizing Agent) of Zestworks - a motivational speaking and training company whose core mission is to make content come alive by linking lessons with laughter. Rob's guiding principle is that high spirits mean low attrition, and when workplace morale goes up, energized job performance fuels organizational growth.
Rob Peck is a long time member of the National Speakers Association, who has appeared on CBS, NBC, CNBC and was a featured presenter at Harvard University and the Smithsonian Institute. He is the recipient of numerous public speaking awards, and three time winner of Toastmaster International’s humorous speech contest. From Harvard to Hewlett Packard, Rob’s expertise in “juggling” has helped thousands of multi-tasking professionals reduce burnout, regain a better life balance, and combine a sense of purpose… with a spirit of fun!

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Rob Peck is a member of the
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