Los Angeles Department of Social Services

I can't thank you enough for the truly inspiring message you brought to our management conference. Some of the comments we received from over 500 managers in the Department include the following: "I've been attending these conferences since 1977. And in all those 34 years, Rob is the only outside guest speaker who ever received a standing ovation." "First he got people to open up with all the inside jokes. Then, when he told us his personal story, it struck a very deep chord with people's emotions." "The best thing about our management conference was Rob Peck. He is by far the best speaker we've brought in many, many years." "His blend of humor and message was captivating and compelling." You are truly a professional juggler, speaker, trainer and consultant who defies convention with your high energy and highly interactive program on flexible thinking and stress reduction. Thank you so much for teaching all of us, and me in particular, that keeping a good life-balance means counter-balancing the things that are important to measure with the things that are immeasurably important. Your concept of linking trust and accountability and the way "pits are also seeds" when it comes to turning adversity into an opportunity was extremely inspirational to all of us. Just yesterday, I found myself talking to my staff about one of your concepts: "WHOOPS" (i.e. When Humans Overcome Obstacles, Providence Smiles!). It was so easy to remember! ...and indeed, so timely in my profession. Once again, thank you so much!
Otto Solarzano, C.F.O.
213-738-2617 osolorzano@css.co.la.ca.us

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