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The President of APT stated that you were the best motivational speaker we ever had. If that is not an endorsement, then I don’t know what is. In fact, we were so impressed that we feel compelled to offer and share our experience with other potential clients. What stood out most was your willingness and ability to immerse yourself into our company. You made a profound effort to really get to know us and then incorporated that into a customized experience. This was not a cookie cutter presentation by any means. It almost felt as if you had been working for the company for years. The energy that you invested (well in advance) to learn our product and our corporate culture is clearly what sets you apart.

Secondly, the juggling and other visual demonstrations kept everyone entertained and captivated throughout the entire performance. Other speakers, while entertaining, cannot compete with what you do on stage. I sensed that everyone stayed focused because they couldn’t wait to see what you were going to do next! Your ability to establish a relationship with the audience, combined with your humor and antics, made it very easy for us to learn some valuable lessons for work and for life. I believe that every employee walked away with some valuable insights into the power of keeping a positive perspective ("Pits... are also seeds") and how to use humor to hang tough in hard times.

Lastly, it was great that when your keynote concluded you were versatile enough to switch roles and facilitate such a fun and educational team-building training. After the excitement you generated from your talk, the hands-on learning kicked off with such momentum the level of enthusiasm among our people - and their willingness to take creative risks was the highest I've ever seen it. The feedback for the whole 3 hour morning session totally confirmed the huge contribution you made to our event.

The ability to make people laugh and learn at the same time is truly a gift.  I invite any potential client of yours to pick up the phone and call me.


Mike Del Negro
Director of Operations
Applied Proactive Technologies

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