Studies show humor fuels more flexible thinking, and more innovative problem solving. Both of which strengthen Head Start staff and parent’s abilities to increase teamwork, and decrease overwhelm.

Core Objectives:

  • Attendees experience first-hand that when our heart stays light- our head thinks more flexibly, which results in more resourceful solutions.

  • Nurture a high trust environment where participants feel safe to take creative risks

  • Instill a greater sense of optimism- based on a renewed sense of connection

  • Empower Head Start staff and parents to more effectively manage stress, cope with constant change, and maintain a good life balance  


Lively, cooperative learning activities provide a safe and supportive environment for creative risk taking- and a lot of shared laughter. After each activity, participants are invited to reflect upon what they learned that's applicable to their Head Start job responsibilities. Each subsequent debrief elicits a list of action steps that lead to less overload, improved morale, and enhanced individual productivity. Throughout special attention is played on the role of humor to defuse stress, and spark more creative problem solving.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. Attendees understand how humor helps them get a handle on overload, and decrease burnout

  2. Participants walk away knowing four, fun, quick, and easy ways to use the power of play to spark creativity, and re-energize teamwork.

  3. Shared laughter builds camaraderie, and boosts participants ability to think fast on their feet and come up with creative “Plan B’s”

  4. Keeping problems in perspective leads to lower stress, higher levels of connection, and enlivened cooperation 


Humor eases the weight of overwhelm. Looking at time pressures through the lens of laughter defuses tension, and helps keep problems in perspective. Improv-Theatre games let participants directly experience the power of play to minimize stress, and maximize cooperation. Each experiential learning exercise helps them explore, and deepen, their capacities for resilience and resourcefulness. Attendees go back to work motivated to overcome obstacles, by keeping their sense of humor, pooling their resources, and playing to people's strengths.

Presenter Bio:

 Rob Peck is the founder of Zestworks, whose core mission is to make content come alive by linking lessons with laughter. He is a three time winner of Toastmaster International’s humorous speech contest. Rob’s work has been featured at the Smithsonian Institute, and on television programs such as Evening Magazine, and Amazing America.

From Head Start to Harvard, ZESTWORKS’ creatively customized programs have helped thousands of multi-tasking women and men reduce burnout, regain a better life balance, and combine a sense of purpose… with a spirit of fun!

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