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A moment of silence for Rob Peck.......................
And that's about all you're going to get if you engage this talented and entertaining juggling humorist with a message.

Keeping 800 brick sales people laughing is no easy feat.  To be sure, they have heard, told, and memorized thousands of jokes, stories, anecdotes and just plain old back-country tales for most of their years of being on the road.   So, when I heard that Rob was a humorist, I thought, "yeah sure and so is every member of my group." 

But when I saw Rob's video, I was convinced he was the person I needed to stimulate attendees to think about the message while marveling at the delivery.  Rob's combination of juggling while delivering his humorous, but poignant messages held their attention for the full program, and, just as importantly to me, brought out the post presentation "great speaker"...."where'd you find this guy" feedback that all meeting planners love to hear.

In my 27 years of meeting planning, I have never had a keynote speaker do such careful preparation to understand his audience and truly customize his program.  I was frankly amazed at how diligently he gathered the inside information he needed to make sure his presentation would "speak" to our seasoned audience and address their concerns and needs.  And I have to paid off with a well crafted mix of comedy and content that was both timely and right on target.

I highly recommend Rob Peck to any audience.  His message is delivered with a uniqueness that keeps people in their seat and their eye on the ball.

Respectfully yours,
Peter Cieslak
Executive Director
Brick Industry Association
Southeast Region

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